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Sculpture in Sedona
The magical World of Barbara R Brown and Friends

Barbara teaches sculpture at her home studio in the Village of Oak Creek.


"It amazes me to hold in my hand, something that was merely a thought."

Barbara R Brown - Sculptor

I took my first classes over 20 years ago, learning to sculpt with the very gifted Sculptor, Eugenia Everett, it was then that I decided that I wanted to do what Eugenia did for her students; teach them that we are all creative beings, and to inspire and foster in them, a love for clay. I worked with Eugenia as her student for over three years.

Along my path to becoming a sculptor, I have been very blessed with the people who have been put in my path. While still working with Eugenia, I took a class with Dr. John M. Soderberg, International Bronze Monumental Sculptor.  I had the good fortune of becoming his apprentice for over four years as I learned to apply what I had been taught about water-base ceramic clay, to oil-base clay for bronze. I enjoyed success as a bronze sculptor, and while doing so, opened two teaching studios, in hopes of giving back what was given to me.

Unable to maintain either Studio outside my home, I turned my home into my studio, exposing concrete floors, setting up work tables and chairs, a clay roller, mirrored walls and steel shelving where once was a living and dining room. I give classes in my home studio, both with groups and private lessons, and of course, create my own work, both in water-base ceramic clay and oil-base clay for bronze.  This space may also been available for guest workshops as well.

"Austin Riding Garden Taxi" 2013